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Successful charities need
who understand how to lead


We help you be that kind of leader.
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What we do.

You want to be a Healthy Organization with Healthy Leaders. Our Consulting, Coaching, Funding, and Events help you make that happen. And we love it!

Since our beginnings in 2008 we have been intentionally learning how we can best serve charity leaders to be more effective at accomplishing meaningful results, while thriving in their roles. We want you to be one of these leaders.

Have a look around.

You can start with About Us to hear our story, but we understand you might rather explore our Leadership Services and Insights to see how we can be most useful to you right now.

Or go ahead and set up a Free Consultation and let’s get started.

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  • Intentionality, time, community and encouragement are four keys to growth and transformation. I'm thankful to Catalyst Foundation for incorporating these keys in a unique pathway for organizational development and growth. As a result, our ministry is more sharply focused on our mission and our team more equipped for living out our strategy.
    Steve Brown . President, Arrow Leadership

Leading charities to meaningful impact is tough.


We can help.

Healthy Leaders

Leadership is hard, but it should also be fulfilling, motivating, and inspiring. Discouragement and burn out don't have to happen. Let's equip you to thrive as a long term leader.

Healthy Teams

Employees and volunteers who are highly motivated, fully engaged, and effectively managed bring their best to the organization and the rest of their lives. We can help make it happen.

Healthy Impact

Charities should get results. We can help you identify and overcome the limiting factors that are keeping you from the most meaningful outcomes.





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Have a healthier organizational culture today..
You don't need expensive consultants and impractical assessments. Using the REACTION Dashboard can equip you to understand, assess and improve your organizational culture with a simple tool that is practical, memorable, and repeatable. 
Available for download or in paperback.

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Chris Wignall

Chris Wignall is fascinated by how people and organizations work (or don’t). As the Executive Director of Catalyst Foundation he comes alongside charity leaders to help them lead more effectively and enhance the impact of their organizations. Past work as a pastor, church planter, camp director, corporate trainer, whitewater kayak instructor, and clown all inform his approach.
Chris lives beside a beautiful waterfall in Greensville, Ontario with his wife and three children, spending as much time running, paddling, and exploring as they can; and he rarely turns down Coke, chicken wings, or chocolate fudge.


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