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A few brief thoughts on the opportunities and challenges of social media: -I can learn more from a good blog then I can from most books -I love facebook, but can’t get excited about twitter; yet -These are the perfect vehicles for building Tribes -Your nonprofit should have someone assigned to blog at least weekly something relevant to your organization and your constituency. If you don’t you are failing to reach the future. If I don’t hear from you for a full month you have pretty much ceased to exist. -There are revenue streams available from social media but even the field leaders aren’t sure what they are. -I was on a conference call recently and really needed some kind of online chat along with it to keep me focussed and know who else was participating. Instead I missed out on some of the good stuff. -Right now social media is essentially free; you almost certainly have someone already with you that could do this well enough. Find them, challenge them, and get out of the way. (btw; they are probably younger than you and might not follow the rules) -Go here, learn more, get started

Next month I will be participating in the Why Everything Must change conference in Oakville, ON. It promises to be an excellent gathering of some of the most intriguing people involved in global matters of justice and spirituality. ychange 2009 I’ll have the chance to be among an inspiring gathering and also lead a post-conference session on what to do with the overwhelming insights we are likely to gain along the way. I’d love to see you there!