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Recently I was able to spend some time with a couple of our Catalyst Award winners from last spring. These are young leaders who graduated high school with a thoughtful, developing dream of how their life could be a benefit to others. They inspire me. While talking about how we keep ourselves reminded of our dreams when there is so much distraction and opportunity to lose focus one of our winners referred to the poster he has in his dorm room. I asked him to share the image and his thoughts with me to post here. Dali_Temptation_of_St_Anthony
Hey Chris, This is the picture I was talking about earlier. Its Called the Temptation of St. Anthony By Salvador Dali. The reason why i enjoy it so much is because it has so much depth to it. You could look at it for hours and see the detail Dali put into it. Like the horse having horse shoes on which could represents man creates it own downfall.  It is something that can reminds me that my goals are internal and that even if i have nothing and am being tempted I can still pull through.  Hope this picture gives you some internal insight as well.