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A Simple Dose of Inspiration – Noah’s Mugs

In a couple hours I’m meeting with about 100 high school students inviting them to join in our Leadership Program where they’ll be challenged to discover, explore, and take action on their dreams of doing good for others. I really love the time I get to spend with tenagers in this program. One of the stories I’m going to tell them today is about 6 year old Noah and the mugs he makes and sells to provide clean water for people in Africa. You should read his story. (And while you’re at it, look back to my previous posts of other children who have caught the desire to serve at a young age here, and here). It seems like Noah is a pretty special kid, but Malcolm Gladwell (in Outliers) would challenge us to look at all the circumstances that made this opportunity possible. Clearly, Noah has a family that are both actively involved and supportive. They have the time and resources to buy the mug making equipment and start the website. They are aware of and connected to a community of people who have helped spread the word. Someone was able to reach Noah with the story of the need for clean water. Noah’s dad was home and listening when Noah wanted to talk about it. They have access to a video camera and youtube to post his short clips. It takes a lot of things coming together for what as I write this are sales of 92 mugs, and saving of 92 lives. The point of me going into the high schools is to be one of the factors that helps a few more dreams like Noah’s get underway. What are you doing to encourage and empower new dreamers and activists?