Catalyst, Leadership

A Taste Of My Own Medicine

About a year and a half ago I started using a tool I call the REACTION Dashboard to help leaders. It functions as something like an early warning system for culture problems in the organization, and also as a prod to celebrate what’s going well. Admittedly, I use it more for other people than myself much of the time. This week our new part time staff member Melanie and I used REACTION to evaluate where we are at th halfway point of our strategic year. We both left with some homework. One of the things I need to celebrate is that having been with Catalyst from the beginning six and a half years ago my enthusiasm for what we are trying to do has only grown. More than ever I am convinced that raising the standard of leadership in charities locally, nationally, and internationally is significant, impactful, and possible. I am spoiled to make it my work. Not a week goes by without the opportunity, often several opportunities, to talk with leaders who are eager to have greater impact through their organizations, but are having trouble figuring how best to do that. Whether its using tools like REACTION, some encouragement and challenge, an introduction to a peer who can be helpful, or (with our partners) providing funding to enable strategic leadership development to happen; we are playing a part in strengthening leaders and organizations. Which ultimately strengthens society. A couple years ago some friends were teasing me saying that they had discussed it and agreed that I have the best job in Canada. It may not feel that way every day, but when I pause to consider it I’m not sure they’re wrong. I’m grateful to be the Executive Director of Catalyst Foundation.