Back from the Dominican Republic

mmi-monte-plata-2008-013Ten days with Medical Ministry International in the Dominican Republic was both enjoyable and informative. Having two days of discussions with Executive Director Willie Hunter and his wife Janice (who is the administrator of their permanent hospital in Santo Domingo) gave me a much stronger understanding of the goals and philosophy that drive the organization. Briefly, I was deeply impressed.mmi-monte-plata-2008-057 Not only were the Hunter’s gracious hosts and generous with their time and home, they were also pleasingly honest and open in our discussions. Willie clearly fits the category of visionary leader. He is thoughtful and articulate, able to share the dream and strategy of MMI in compelling fashion. The Hunter’s are largely the ones who have borne responsibility for setting the direction and opening up new ground. mmi-monte-plata-2008-055The week we spent with a medical team in the villages around Monte Plata was also valuable. Being able to see the kind of work that provides the core efforts of MMI up close is useful perspective.preaching-in-monte-plata I’ll be able to share some of my more detailed thoughts with MMI Canada Director, Leanne Graham, in the near future. A final thought; I am very glad that Catalyst is associated with Medical Ministry International. They are an inspiring organization with a solid model for their work and a dream that is bold and meaningful.