Catalyst, Leadership

C is for Everything

I am generally not a fan of alliteration as a tool for presenting information. Maybe I heard too many three points and a prayer sermons as a youth. But when we were working to express the heart of our desire in what we are calling the Catalyst Foundation the ideas we talked about all seemed to fit description by C words. When it became clear that it was happening that way I decided to just go with it, so now we have these lists of C’s that describe our partners, mentoring program, leadership development, and the kind of people we get excited to work with. In the next couple weeks this will be a place to lay out all the C’s for anyone who wants to understand what we’re all about. For now, the short versions: When considering applicants for funding or for our mentoring program we are looking for: Creativity, Commitment, Compatibility, and Compelling Stories. Our mentoring program consists of: Coaching, Connecting, and Contributing. And we approach leadership through aspects of: Competence, Character, and Context.