Catalyst Foundation Leadership Intensive 2021 Details

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Catalyst Foundation Leadership Intensive 2021

Healthy Leaders, Healthy Organizations

Catalyst Foundation Leadership Intensive 2021

Charity leadership is harder than ever. COVID-19’s lasting impact, economic fallout, and global uncertainties with no clear end in sight have made best plans and practices fall apart around us. The leadership approaches we were trained in can’t answer all the questions we have to ask now. On top of that, many of the ways we’ve developed leaders in the past are now impossible.

In 2021 Catalyst Foundation is offering a unique new Leadership Intensive to help you lead well in this reality.

Healthy Leaders, Healthy Organizations brings together the most impactful tools from our three year Partnership Program in a format that can be delivered entirely remotely to any charity, anywhere in the world, in a single calendar year. And it may be just what you need for yourself and your organization to thrive.

Leaders who commit themselves and their teams to the Leadership Intensive can expect to be challenged, encouraged, and invested in towards long term growth in organizational health and impact, as well as sustainable healthy leadership. You will develop and maintain an Organizational Leadership Plan and a Personal Development Plan that will guide your growth for years to come. Your team will be guided in exploring new tools, familiar ideas, and proven approaches to strengthen your organizational culture. 

It is a significant commitment. It will bring significant impact.

Key Components:

  1. Monthly PACE Sessions with first chair leader: General coaching (Perspective, Accountability, Challenge, Encouragement)
  2. Organizational Leadership Plan: Guided questions to help build and update the plan.
  3. Catalyst Content Sessions (5+): Webinar/Zoom sessions of our core tools (Kryptonite, Self Care, 4 Types of Values, 6 Hats for Boards, Facilitation 101, etc.)
  4. Team Training Sessions (4+): Facilitated Zoom sessions for each organization separately (REACTION, Story to Strategy, 4 Disciplines of Execution, Power of Celebration) *Custom sessions are also possible as needed.*
  5. Summer Book Club: Facilitated online discussion

Program Schedule (may be improved to match needs):


First Chair Leader

Facilitated Team Training

Catalyst Content Session

Practical Assignment




Healthy Organizations: Strategy, Execution, Culture 

Organizational Leadership Plan




Healthy Leaders:

Skills, Effort, Identity

Personal Development Plan



REACTION Dashboard 


Address Warning Lights and Celebrations




6 Hats of A Board Director

Board Development Plan




5 S’s of Strategic Communication

Review External Communications



Self-Care and Stress Strategies


Update Personal Development Plan



(if available)


Summer Book Club (Optional)




(if available)


Summer Book Club (Optional)

Update Organizational Leadership Plan



4 Disciplines of Execution 


Effective Meetings Plan




Kryptonite: Identity and Insecurity

Update Personal Development Plan




Facilitation 101: Leading Conversations That Count

Update Organizational Leadership Plan 



The Power of Celebration


Final Feedback & Commitments

Financial Considerations:

In recognition of the pressures experienced by charities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Catalyst’s founders have committed to fully subsidize the 2021 program – representing a $7500+ value to each participating organization.  To help with subsidies of future program participants and to support other charitable work, each organization selected to participate in the program will be invited to make a monthly donation of $100 (or annual donation of $1,200) to the Generosity Plus Fund, a donor advised fund managed by The Foundation Office (www.thefoundationoffice.ca), registered charity #835065038 RR 0001.


Because this program can be delivered entirely remotely we are able to make it available to charities anywhere in the world that are able to:

-Commit to the entire process

-Participate comfortably in the English language

-Have reliable internet access for Zoom/Skype sessions

Ideal partners will be organizations with:

-a minimum of 12 active staff

-an expectation of stability in senior leadership roles for the duration of the program and 1-2 years following

-support from the board of directors for participating in the program

-a desire to make ongoing leadership development a core aspect of their organizational strategy and culture.

We welcome charities to apply regardless of location, cause, religious affiliation or lack thereof, annual budget, or past involvement with Catalyst. Applications will be processed with consideration for both anticipated impact on the charity and the impact of the charity on the world. Our desire is to provide this opportunity to a diverse group of participants and special consideration will be given to underrepresented communities.

Application Process:

An online application form can be found at www.catalystfoundation.ca/charity-leadership-intensive-2021. Applications open November 6, 2020 and must be submitted by November 23, 2020 to be considered. We encourage all interested charities to schedule a conversation with our Executive Director prior to completing the application.

All applicants will receive a response on or before December 1, 2020.


We welcome questions either through the contact form on our website or by direct email to our Executive Director – chris@catalystfoundation.ca

It is strongly advised that you arrange a conversation with Chris Wignall (Executive Director) before beginning the application process.