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Fiscal and Frenetic

This is the time of year when the majority of charities are scrambling to get last minute donations from donors before the end of the calendar year. While most North Americans are trying to enjoy a little extra time off, many Executive Directors, Development Officers, and CEOs are spending hours trying to access and accomodate gifts made just in time for the final tax receiptable hours of 2009. Two weeks from now they’ll all be thinking about how to prevent a repeat in 2010. Most of them won’t end up doing anything different. Two current articles would be well worth reading in January for those who want to celebrate more freely next December: Kim Dunn-Saratovsky makes a strong case for why energy and money should be spent engaging with younger donors. Instead of waiting in line to talk with the same sugar-daddies and mommies that every other charity is chasing, what is the potential for building an active community of people who are giving their time and networks as well as their dollars? Nell Edgington challenges the whole notion of fundraising, making nine recommendations for moving toward a model of more diverse financing. One of the core questions I’ve been asking applicants is “What sources of revenue outside off donations are you using? What other streams could/should you explore?” Forward these to your favourite stressed-out nonprofit leader on January 4th; along with the beverage of their choice.