Fool or Felon?

I have read and passed on books by John Maxwell many times. It is no stretch to suggest that he is among the most influential figures in both Christian and corporate leadership over the last couple decades. Recently, John Maxwell was arrested for carrying a concealed handgun as he attempted to board a plane. You can read his own account of the incident on his blog. For me it prompts some thoughts: -Is this just a simple mistake that we can forgive and forget or is this error in judgment more significant? -I love how he addressed the matter immediately and publicly. Humility, regret, and humour all have a place in dealing with our mistakes. -If you want to spend 30 minutes on something not entirely productive read through the comments on his post. There are some people who are so glowing in their praise for Maxwell it seems they believe he should have absolutely no consequences for his crime. Others want him to be used as an example with the full force of the law against him. I wonder how the courts will handle this. Your thoughts…?