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The Chronicle of Philanthropy has posted a transcript of an interesting live discussion with marketing guru Seth Godin. It may not be entirely in depth; but I suspect some of the people at organizations we are interacting with would benefit from the quick read through. A couple interesting insights for me: -the difficulty of really understanding the difference between advertising (essentially spending money to promote your organization) and marketing (every interaction you have with people who may be or become supporters and clients) -the need to carefully consider the interests of your intended audience (one size does not fit all) -the importance of asking permission before sending requests for support in a culture inundated with spam -the idea of separating annual reports (basically numbers) from other types of promotion (essentially stories) rather than merging them -the need to try myriad different tools, test their effectiveness, and try myriad more -having a sense of urgency because the work you are doing is truly important -turning supporters into marketers by satisfying and equipping them What have you seen that has been effective in spreading the word about nonprofits? What has flopped? Why?