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One of the growth areas for Catalyst in the last few years is facilitating Strategic Planning sessions. It’s work I love but I confess I’ve had a hard time figuring out the best approach. Most of what I’ve sen and tried has left me feeling unsatisfied, like there’s something missing that keeps it from approaching the kind of impact we aim for.The problem for me is that so much strategic planning is terrible. Whether its brainstorming sessions with no connection to reality, or droning meetings lost in detail, it seemsSEE DETAILS

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Being the new kid is difficult.Being the new leader is too. For anyone starting a new leadership role or joining a new organization in a leadership capacity there are a mix of emotions:–Excitement – This is awesome! Can’t wait to get started! So amazing that I get paid to do this!–Insecurity – Can I handle everything this requires? What do I need to do to earn trust and build credibility? Will they like me?–Pride – I’ve worked hard for this. This is the chance I’ve been waiting for. Started from theSEE DETAILS

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Are you looking forward to getting your organization moving again after the year end festivities?Most charities work hard right up to the final day of the calendar year to maximize fundraising as donors give for an annual tax receipt. For many, the first weeks of a new year are a relatively less urgent time when there may be greater potential for investing in strategic priorities beyond the daily whirlwind of tasks and deadlines. It can be a time to refocus and reinvest as well as to recover.This may be the bestSEE DETAILS

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It’s no coincidence that the words values and costs are so strongly associated.Your values, political, organizational, or personal, mean close to nothing unless they cost you something.We are living in a time when there is a rise in expressed hatred and bigotry. We are seeing the lowest versions of people and even nations celebrated. None of this is new, but it feels like a growing wave. It is difficult for leaders to know how to respond.I hear increasing calls for public declarations of allegiance, participation in movements, and joining petitions.SEE DETAILS

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I don’t sing well.This isn’t any form of humility; it is an objective fact supported by decades of people cringing or shuddering when I let loose with my best efforts.. It has gotten somewhat better over the years but I can still vividly remember leading a campfire sing along as a teenager and being laughed at by the whole circle for how far off key I was. That kind of humiliation sticks with you.I don’t get invited to sing these days, but I do a lot of other public communication.SEE DETAILS

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