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Most of the time leaders are wise to try to maintain a sense of stability. Constant urgency is a recipe for burnout, unhealthy turnover, and ultimately a short and unproductive term of leadership. Overreacting is a sure sign of insecurity and/or immaturity.Wise leaders try to maintain an even keel and a confident posture even in times of difficulty.But there are exceptional situations. Occasionally a leader recognizes that the organization is under-reacting to reality and the correct response is to raise the alarm and call all hands on deck for theSEE DETAILS

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I’ve had many titles in my career: Program Director, Camp Director, Kayak Instructor, Youth Pastor, Church Planter, Board Chair, etc. But one of my favourites is definitely coach.During my undergrad I earned my certifications in several sports and I’ve coached at least a dozen teams in half a dozen sports since then. This year I’m coaching one of my own kids for what may be the final time (and our PeeWee hockey team is undefeated as of this writing). Teaching, motivating, challenging, and encouraging athletes to do their best bothSEE DETAILS

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Toronto sports coverage this week has talked a lot about leadership, specifically whether Raptors star forward Kawhi Leonard is a leader or not.While the specifics of that situation are debatable and ultimately probably of little importance to most of us, it does raise a couple interesting questions about what qualifies as leadership. Kawhi is indisputably one of the top basketball players in the world. He is also famously reserved.Being an outstanding performer is often associated with being a leader. Being introverted is often seen as detriment to leadership. But in fact,SEE DETAILS

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October 10, 2018 is the print release day for The REACTION Dashboard.This book has been a work in progress for about four years and making it available to the world brings feelings of excitement, relief, anticipation, and hope. I am deeply grateful to al the leaders and friends who’s experiences and insights contributed to what it is.The REACTION Dashboard is a tool that equips leaders to understand, assess, and improve their organizational culture. The tool is practical, simple, and quick. It pushes action and results. And it emphasizes the disciplineSEE DETAILS

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Are you more enthralled by vigilantes or saints? Do you get more excited when the bad guy gets gunned down, or when the troubled soul finds new hope? Are you more into stories of frontier justice or remarkable transformation?I had an interesting Facebook dialogue last week about the power of redemption stories. It seems there is something deep in the human condition that resonates with tales of rising from the ashes and becoming something new. We also respond strongly to stories of retribution. The visceral thrill of justice served, especially whenSEE DETAILS

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