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Is Leadership a Cult?

Read this article from Christianity Today. A few brief observations: -If Apple can be a religion, leadership can tend towards being a cult. -That women find leadership particularly difficult is the reason for existence for our friends at Next Level Leadership. -Servant Leadership certainly has become a relatively meaningless buzzword; but I still believe it can express the best of what makes Christian leadership special -I absolutely that we have diminished the meaning of leadership. With apologies to those who claim that “leadership is Influence” there is a necessary degree of intent and responsiveness from others before anyone should be called a leader -It is difficult to pick out the really useful stuff from among the heaps of resources available now. I don’t try to read everything but I am eager to hear recommendations from people I respect. -There is a cynical tone to this piece that I don’t much appreciate; as if those who invest themselves in leadership or in developing leaders are somehow abandoning the gospel and following after something “worldly” But, it is a useful article because it demands that we examine our attitudes; that is well worth the few minutes of reading and few more of reflection.