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More than Microfinance

I just got home from a meeting with young adults who are considering how to become more involved in the work of Opportunity International. It was the first gathering for the group and I am really excited about what could emerge from this. Opportunity is ahead of the curve simply by acknowledging the value and potential of a demographic who (in most cases) are not yet able to be significant donors in terms of dollar figures. Still a young organization (about ten years), they are aware that developing an active network of future leaders, advocates, staff, and donors is exceptionally strategic. Microfinance is one of the best things happening in international development and poverty intervention. It combines the power of economics with the entrepreneurial spirit that is inherent in so many of the world’s poor. Limitless scalability and harnessing the community make it one of the few things that are providing lasting hope of real change. Within even this growing field Opportunity is distinct. The focus on holistic transformation and the spiritual undergirding that integrates the whole structure ensures that something more than basic banking is happening. This article isn’t about Opportunity, but it easily could be.