Passion and Profession

My father worked for over 30 years in a steel factory. He worked hard, took courses at night, and eventually moved into a management role. But I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a day that he drove to work thinking “Now this is what I truly love to do!” On the other hand I am part of a generation that often believes we should be able to do something that inspires us, be paid very well to do it, and have no interference from our bosses. It must make previous generations gag. I have been spoiled (or blessed if you prefer) in that I have been able to have work I believed in and loved for the most part. I haven’t maximized my earning potential but I’ve done fine financially. And my supervisors have been positive (in some cases excellent). But I haven’t forgotten how unusual that it and how grateful I ought to be. Seth Godin’s blog includes a great post about the risks and realities of trying to get paid for doing what you love. I have a lot of respect for those who have found a way to combine their passion and profession successfully; but no less for those who have deliberately chosen to work to allow them to do what they love in other hours. The key to the whole thing is realistic reflection and deliberate decisions.