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Playing By The Rules

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up much earlier than I really want to, bundling my boys up in the dark, and driving through the cold to strap on my skates and referee a couple games of hockey.
I’ve been a volunteer with Reach Forth for several years now. At this level the role of a ref is as much to teach the rules as it is to enforce them.
Sometimes I’ll blow the whistle and stop play just to explain what went wrong and not penalize anyone. If they don’t learn the rules while they’re young the game won’t work when they get older.
The same is true in every organization.
Your culture is made up of the official and unofficial rules of how you interact.
I was intrigued to come across this image that purports to be cartoonist Chuck Jones’ Rules for Wile E. Coyote and the RoadRunner
I can’t vouch for the authenticity, but I love the idea that even the creator of the story world posted the rules for himself to follow. He knew that even that little culture needed reinforcement or it would become something other than what he intended.
What are you doing to clarify and reinforce the culture where you are?