How many Baptists Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?

A: CHANGE?!?!?!? (Feel free to substitute your favourite denomination, political affiliation, corporate entity, nonprofit organization, or other suitable target where Baptists appears in the title). Change is both difficult and inevitable. At the Willow Creek Leadership Summit this summer Gary Hamel observed quite pointedly that being obsolete is simply a matter of changing more slowly than your marketplace. (pause to reflect) Seth Godin’s uncharacteristically long rant about change resistance in nonprofits may be exaggerated and biased by his interest in cutting edge marketing; but to a significant degree he is bang on right. Hey leader! This is not a Twitter issue. This is a basic leadership issue. Are you the one holding back change in your organization? Are you telling people this is not the time to take risks? Are you being intimidated by past failures, uptight board members, or what your peers are and aren’t doing? That’s not leadership. Neither is carelessness. Make strategic changes and take wise risks. That’s why you get to consider yourself a leader.