Revenue Streams

I am giving serious consideration to adding revenue streams as a criteria for Catalyst funding. I wonder how nonprofit leaders would respond to a question like this on the application: “What are your current revenue streams other than receiptable donations and subsidized user fees?” To clarify; I am interested in what organizations are doing that provides them with income that is not from other donors and is not a program fee that less than offsets the actual cost of providing the program directly. In many cases I believe it is possible to raise participation fees to a level where they contribute at least somewhat to the general operating costs of the organization and may help provide needed assistance for those who are unable to afford the real costs. So, whether it is providing consulting to other organizations, selling books and t-shirts, renting out facilities at a market rate, having a wholly owned profitable business under your umbrella, or spending Tuesday evenings pedalling a bike rickshaw around for couples on date night, it would be valuable to my assessment to understand what is being done to generate positive revenue. If you are doing, have done, or have heard of any creative and successful strategies or ideas please share them here. These days a lot of people could benefit from your wisdom.