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Salaries and Sacrifice

In my sessions with teens and young adults I often reflect on the way many people in (and following) my generation are looking for a career in which they can be deeply fulfilled, make a lot of money, and never have to deal with frustrating bosses, co-workers, or clientele. The 30 years my dad spent in the local steel mill really don’t measure up. I have been very spoiled in my life so far because I’ve always had work I believed in. New research is suggesting that the lower salaries available in the charitable sector may be a strong disincentive for talented people to work non-profit. The comments on the link add some useful perspective. I would respond by saying that while I do expect non-profit leaders to make some level of personal sacrifice commensurate with their commitment to the cause, I have seen too many gifted people struggle with the lack of remuneration. Ideally we would see charities actively working to overpay their best staff and employees consistently and joyfully outperforming their compensation. What is your work worth?