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Strange New World

A few brief thoughts on the opportunities and challenges of social media: -I can learn more from a good blog then I can from most books -I love facebook, but can’t get excited about twitter; yet -These are the perfect vehicles for building Tribes -Your nonprofit should have someone assigned to blog at least weekly something relevant to your organization and your constituency. If you don’t you are failing to reach the future. If I don’t hear from you for a full month you have pretty much ceased to exist. -There are revenue streams available from social media but even the field leaders aren’t sure what they are. -I was on a conference call recently and really needed some kind of online chat along with it to keep me focussed and know who else was participating. Instead I missed out on some of the good stuff. -Right now social media is essentially free; you almost certainly have someone already with you that could do this well enough. Find them, challenge them, and get out of the way. (btw; they are probably younger than you and might not follow the rules) -Go here, learn more, get started