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Stronger Together – 2010 Grants

This morning the results of the Stronger Together 2010 collaborative granting project were released (Complete list of grantees here.) Having invested a significant part of the past ten months in the process it is a satisfying thing to be able to notify the successful applicants (selected from a total field of 131) and anticipate the work they will be able to accomplish with these resources. While 43 organizations received funding, Catalyst is actually involved with the 29 listed below. Alpha Canada: To upgrade corporate websites to facilitate communication and a sense of community by various organizational stakeholders of an evangelistic ministry. Arrow Leadership: To create a strategy and online platform to nurture alumni relationships to support a leadership development organization. Basically Babies: To create an organizational website to reduce the reliance on paper-based systems and to facilitate better coordination of services of an Edmonton-based outreach to new mothers in need. Cardus: To reduce duplication and marshal collective resources, influence and social capital through the merger of two similar think tanks. cbm Canada: To undertake a comprehensive organizational assessment and strategic planning initiative for an organization focused on serving the disabled community in the developing world. Dalit Freedom Network: To hire a website coordinator who will create online communities and through those inspire giving towards the education of Dalits in India. Frontlines: To hire a programs manager allowing the executive director greater freedom to focus on strategy and leadership of a small but growing drop-in centre for children and youth in the Weston area of Toronto. Future Vision: To launch a unique fundraising strategy through the creation of a select group of individuals who already access organizational resources and who will now also creatively fundraise for a community centre in Cambridge. Health Partners: To increase the awareness of people living in Kitchener-Waterloo of the opportunity to partner with an international development organization which specializes in the distribution of pharmaceuticals to the developing world. International Justice Mission: To assist in the development of a comprehensive strategic plan and build a stronger team through the services of an outside consultant to a growing human rights organization focused on the developing world. International Teams: To assist churches in Hamilton to work together collaboratively in the service of their community through the assistance of a partner mission organization. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada: To facilitate a more robust and integrated online platform to enable secure financial transactions and event registration for a camp and campus outreach organization. Medical Ministry International: To develop a customized inventory management software system for an international medical aid organization with warehouses in Canada and the United States. Micah House: To leverage the ability of a Hamilton-based refugee centre to raise funds through support of a fundraising banquet. Mission of Mercy: To enable two organizations to develop and deploy an online and open source project management tool designed to enable more effective reporting by international development organizations. Missionary Health Institute: To create a series of web-based educational modules which will provide customized health care coaching and support tools for missionaries and their families living in remote locations around the world. Next Level Leadership: To develop the capacity for launching an effective e-learning platform for a women’s leadership development organization. Opportunity International: To provide seed funding for a social media coordinator who will launch and administrate a Web 2.0 platform designed to create community, increase volunteerism and grow funding for a microfinancial services provider. Prison Fellowship: To expand the public awareness of an organization’s restorative justice services to prisoners and their families through renewed marketing efforts. Reach Forth Sports: To subsidize the salary of an executive director in developing a strategic plan and formalizing operations for a Hamilton-area based sports outreach organization. Regent College: To intentionally engage alumni in advancing the mission of a Vancouver-based graduate school of Christian studies through the hiring of an alumni coordinator and the launch of an awareness campaign. Salsbury Community Society: To hire a volunteer coordinator to lead community engagement for an organization dedicated to the reduction of sex trafficking and exploitation of Canadian women. Sanctuary: To receive mentoring by consultants in crafting a unique and compelling story for two urban organizations that create community amongst the poor and wealthy of Toronto. Toronto City Mission: To permit the hiring of a full-time volunteer engagement officer for an urban organization dedicated to breaking cycles of poverty. Urban Promise Toronto: To supply frontlines staff with laptops and software to enable better performance for a Toronto organization offering spiritual, social and educational development of children and youth through after school programs. World Hope International: To expand the capability of an international development organization’s leadership through subsidizing the full-time salary of an executive director for one year. World Vision: To equip Canadian charities to assess, design, implement and evaluate their own resource development strategic goals through the creation and launch of a fundraising course led by staff from Canada’s largest charity. Yonge Street Mission: To equip and improve acoustics in a training facility run by a large urban poverty outreach centre in Toronto. Youth Unlimited (Launch): To create an online delivery capability for a unique one-on-one mentoring program by a Toronto-based youth empowerment organization. Congratulations to all successful applicants!

To hire a programs manager allowing the executive director greater freedom to focus on strategy and leadership of a small but growing drop-in centre for children and youth in the Weston area of Toronto.