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Summer Reading Offer – The Catalyst Leader

Although I’ve never attended the Catalyst Conference events I’ve certainly been aware of their growing impact on a generation of leaders in various fields. Catalyst Foundation has no association with that movement, though we have many similar values and dreams. When I saw that Brad Lomenick, co-founder of the conferences was releasing a book entitled The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker I was both intrigued and somewhat skeptical. I glance at a ton of leadership books, skim many, purchase several, but only ultimately closely read a handful. Most of them don’t have much new to say, and often they are too prescriptive and formulaic for real world use it seems to me. That said, The Catalyst Leader is holding my attention. It is easy to follow, practical, and challenging. There are plenty of stories, including stories of failure, and Brad writes in a way that I think demonstrates that he knows his audience of young, Christian leaders. In fact, I’m enjoying the book enough that I picked up a bunch of extra copies that I want to give out in exchange for a simple 1-2 page shareable book review.

If you’d like a copy of the book, are involved with a Canadian charity as staff, volunteer, active donor, or board member, and are able to read the book and send me your thoughts on it (I’ll provide a simple optional guideline) by July 15th I’d like to get one in your hands. Just reply to this post with a comment letting me know your name, the charity you serve, your role, and why you’d like to participate. I’ll pick 8 replies by May 31st and get the books out to you asap.