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The Bravery to See the Potential in Poverty

Paul Polak, founder of one of our partners International Development Enterprises, is currently profiled in The Atlantic magazine as one of the 27 significant people who “who commit acts of moral and intellectual bravery by espousing unpopular or controversial positions.” His listing appears immediately below that of Barack Obama in the front page of the edition. Paul’s controversial ideas centre around treating the world’s poor as powerful consumers and a meaingful economic market. In short, he believes there are profits to be made by selling products to people most of the world only treat with charity. His book Out of Poverty, (now available in paperback) is one of the most influential resources for what Catalyst is doing. Congratulations to Paul, IDE, and to all who are willing to risk criticism by finding creative ways to explore the needs and opportunities invilved in hellping others. May your tribe increase.