The Myth of the Alpha Male

I got to spend a very enjoyable lunch eating ribs with an old friend Bruxy Cavey, teaching pastor at The Meeting House, one of the most intriguing and impactful churches in Canada. As always, the conversation was very thought provoking. Among the topics was the paradox that Bruxy has become one of the premier Christian communicators in Canada (though he denies it) and the one holding responsibility for the ethos of this rapidly growing church, despite having a personal style that tends towards relative passivity and prefers to avoid confrontation. He is the antithesis of the traditional alpha-male leader. As we were talking he commented that the rest of the inner circle of leadership influencers share his temperament. Others have taken note of this and commmented on how unusual that is. It brings out a remarkably strong sense of team, and requires mutual humility from all the leaders, not only those below the top. I know another person on staff at The Meeting House who in the past had a much more traditional leadership style. In his early twenties he accomplished some amazing things, but occasionally left a trail of hurt feelings in his wake. I’m very interested in how he is being affected by this atypical environment.