Great Stories

Two Good Starts

Last night I attended the “very soft launch” of Word Made Flesh – Canada. When Mark Petersen gets chris-heuertz-001this motivated by a charity it is always worth checking out; and it was. But the best part of the night came earlier, before I left home. I was telling my 5 year old son, Ben, that I was going to hear a man who lives with people who don’t have enough money or food. Ben asked why the man (Chris Heuertz) would do that. I explained that God loves everyone, but he has a special love for the poor. Ben nodded thoughtfully, then disappeared upstairs for a minute. When he came down he solemnly handed me the entire contents january-2009-042of his giraffe piggy bank and told me to give it to the man who helps the poor people. Then he drew a picture for them of someone who was given “clothes, food, money, a hat, and a house”. My son is more like Jesus than I am. It was a sacred privilege to give his donation to Chris and after last night’s event I am glad that Ben’s first entry into generosity was in support of such a good organization.