Two New Techy Toys

I don’t think of myself as an early adopter of technology (I still have a cathode ray television), but recently I’ve been getting to know two software tools that seem to have a lot of productivity advantages: Zloop is a web-based networking site that i heard about from Fred Smith at The Gathering. It allows remote users to post not only messages, pics, and videos like facebook; but also to form separate “loops” for projects and to post documents that can be downloaded, edited, and re-uploaded in a more current version. It’s less fun and visual than facebook, and probably less intuitive; but for professional purposes it is very appealing. Jott is something I came across through a distant facebook friend. It allows me to send messages by voice on my cell phone that are transcribed into text and sent to any phone number or email address I have set in advance. Best aspect of this for me is the ability to send a message to my email while I am on the go, especially through my headset while driving. the transcription may not always be perfect, but I can spell proper nouns to improve accuracy as I go and I expect to use it mostly only to communicate with myself though it can handle much beyond that. Anybody out there want to share their own favourites?