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Why Charity Ultimately Fails

The word Catalyst gets used in several nonprofits and ministries. One that I can recommend is the Catalyst conference and all the ancillary elements they’ve added. I’ve enjoyed their podcasts for a couple years and am disappointed that I won’t be available to accompany a group from our area to Atlanta next month to see it all live. It’s definitely on my hit list for 2009. One of the founders of our foundation sent me this article from the Catalyst website that explains with clear and simple illustrations why we’re becoming involved with microfinance in our efforts to support relief and development for the world’s poor, rather than traditional charitable efforts. We realize there are times and situations where immediate needs require free donations, but by and large we are more and more convinced that there are better ways to help in the long run. we also hope that the time we spend researching and understanding options and strategies can help others to begin to explore some of the organizations we’re enthusiastic about.