Worth Reading

A quick list of websites and blogs that I find helpful: Strive! is the best organization I’ve come across for helping boards learn to function in ways that don’t drive themselves, staff, volunteers, donors, and clientele to desperate frustration. You should subscribe to their monthly GEMs and buy Jim Brown’s book. Mission Based Management by Peter Brinckerhoff keeps me thinking about how nonprofits can keep their focus in the midst of the daily realities of work. Seth Godin’s blog is updated pretty much daily and offers some innovative ideas about marketing that have the ring of both genius and common sense. Open Hands is the blog of Mark Petersen from Bridgeway Foundation. Mark has been unfailingly helpful as we’re getting Catalyst underway and he knows everybody. I could give several more but this is a good start. And since it is hard to keep up with all of these I highly recommend Google Reader or some other tool that keeps you aware of updates.